🌻 📖 Test2::Plugin::FauxHomeDir


Test2::Plugin::FauxHomeDir - Setup a faux home directory for tests


version 0.06


 use Test2::Plugin::FauxHomeDir;
 use Test2::V0;


This module sets up a faux home directory for tests. The home directory is empty, and will be removed when the test completes. This can be helpful when you are writing tests that may be reading from the real user configuration files, or if it writes output to the user home directory.

At the moment this module accomplishes this by setting the operating system appropriate environment variables. In the future, it may hook into some of the other methods used for determining home directories (such as getpwuid and friends). There are many ways of getting around this faux module and getting the real home directory (especially from C). But if your code uses standard Perl interfaces then this plugin should fool your code okay.

This module sets the native environment variables for the home directory on your platform. That means on Windows USERPROFILE, HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH will be set, but HOME will not. This is important because your testing environment should match as closely as possible what the actual environment will look like.

You should load this module as early as possible.

This systems are actively developed and tested:

Strawberry Perl (Windows)

I expect that it should work on most other modern UNIX platforms. It probably will not work on more esoteric systems like VMS or msys2. Patches to address this will be eagerly accepted.



Returns the real home directory as detected during startup. If initialization hasn't happened then this will return undef.


Arguably your code shouldn't depend on or be affected by stuff in your home directory, or have a hook for your tests to alternate configuration files.

Strange things may happen if you try to use both this plugin and File::HomeDir::Test. A notice or diagnostic (depending on if the test is passing) will be raised at the end of the test if you attempt this.



I used to use this module a lot. It was good. Unfortunately It has not, in this developers opinion, been actively maintained for years, with the very brief exception when it was broken by changes introduced in the Perl 5.25.x series when . was removed from @INC.

This module also comes bundled as part of File::HomeDir which does a lot more than I really need.

This module also dies if it is used more than once which I think is unnecessary.

This module also sets HOME on all platforms, even on ones where that is not the native environment variable for the home directory. This can be a problem, because if your code is using HOME, and your testing environment fakes it so that works, then your testing environment may be hiding bugs.


Author: Graham Ollis <plicease@cpan.org>


Shawn Laffan (SLAFFAN)


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Graham Ollis.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.